Mommy & Me Ball


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The Mommy & Me Ball presented by Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center(PPRC)  is an annual fundraiser created to brings mothers and children together to enhance positive relationships through the promotion of healthy development with a strong focus on literacy, increased quality of life, and goal achievement. We provide an opportunity for mothers and children to have fun together with dancing, reading, entertainment, and food.  We incorporate these activities as a natural way to help children and their mothers see each other in a new environment, appreciate each other's talents and personalities, and connect in a more extensive way, while building bonds together and with other community moms and children.

Our mission is to strengthen the bond of mothers and children, which in turn decreases educational disparities and promotes goal achievement.

For children to properly develop in all aspects, they must be fully supported by their family at home. In both traditional and single parent households studies show that the mother tends to be the primary caregiver and are in the unique position of influencing their children's growth and development. It is imperative to foster the bond between mothers and children to give children the strong base from which to grow.

The evening will includes:

Red Carpet Party (2:30 pm - 4:00 pm)


Live Entertainment

Candy Bar