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Who We Are

Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center (PPRC), is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to teen pregnancy prevention, restoring hope and possibilities within young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, and preventing subsequent births to non-equipped women and teenage girls in urban communities.  

PPRC’s objective is to show women the beauty in delivering new possibilities through life skills classes, coaching, goal setting and character development.


Our Vision

At Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center (PPRC) our vision is to educate, empower and encourage young women in the achievement of goals, and unlimited possibilities. That vision originates from our history, a true example of breaking barriers to increase positive outcomes.

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Our Mission

Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center’s mission is to enable young women in Northeast Ohio to realize their full potential.  Our mission is achieved by creating community partnerships, offering supportive programs, mentorship and character development.

Who We Help

Pregnancy with Possibilities Resource Center serves youth that are at risk of premature pregnancies, and young women experiencing an unintended pregnancy situation. 

Our staff is trained to give individualized care to help participants. Whether your concerns are about risky sexual behaviors, basic primary needs, or how pregnancy will impact your career or educational goals, Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center offers support to ensure you "Birth Possibilities."

We are here to help you!

All services are free and confidential. Please call us for more information.